Monday, November 14, 2005

Australia/NZ PATTV Team Announced

Australia and New Zealand are fielding a combined team for the fifth Pacific Area Team Tournament (PATTV). Our team in board order is SIM Michael Freeman, Joe Tanti, IM Mark Noble, Shane Dibley, Brian Jones, and myself. The tournament is run under the auspices of the ICCF North America Pacific Zone. For those who are unaware of NAPZ's new website, I have added a link to the site in the "Links" section of this website.
This is my first representative tournament and I would like to thank the CCLA for the opportunity to compete in PATTV. I'd also like to wish my teammates well in their games. Stay tuned to both the CCLA and NAPZ websites for future news on this tournament. If you haven't yet registered with the ICCF Webserver, follow the link on this website and register so you can follow our progress as well as join the ICCF Webchess experience. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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